22 May 2015

Present and Past

Present and past come together in a variety of ways today.

In the immediate present, the seventh and penultimate blog post in the week-long Witchlight Blog-Tour has been published. The Battered Suitcase Press Blog is kindly hosting J.S.Watts' contemplations on the subject of present and past.

In the recent past, author Susan Roebuck hosted the fourth blog post in the Witchlight Blog Tour, Travelling Across and Up and Down The Page. Susan's own novel, Rising Tide, has also been launched this week and to celebrate the launch of both Witchlight and Rising Tide there is an opportunity to enter a free online raffle giveaway to win copies of the books. The rafflecopter event begins tomorrow (which is in the future at the time of writing this) and runs until 31st May. See Susan's website and blog for further details.

Back to the present, though, and here is the beginning of J.S.'s post on Present and Past:

I am really pleased that this current stage of the blog tour celebrating the May launch of my paranormal novel, “Witchlight”, is being hosted by the Battered Suitcase Press blog of my publisher, Vagabondage Press.

Vagabondage are the people who, in the past, have had sufficient faith in me and my writing to publish two of my novels, first “A Darker Moon” and now, in the present, “Witchlight”. It gives me the opportunity, in the here and now, to thank them for their past trust and the mammoth and ongoing effort involved in designing, publishing and promoting a book and to say, “Thank you, guys. You rock!”

I love the way present and past so often come together, sometimes positively, sometimes not, but inevitably in an intriguing and fascinating way. Two sections of existence’s timeline, separated by months, decades or centuries, but influencing one another and combining to create and shape new events and occurrences.

Writing, whether a letter, a blog post or a novel, is a way of capturing the present and fixing it so that, however long ago something was written, it will always seem the present for someone reading it for the first time. My present thanks to Vagabondage for their past efforts will be available for you to read in your present for as long as this blog remains on line, even when this moment, as I am experiencing it, has long since faded into the past.

There is a coming together of past and present in “Witchlight”. The novel’s lead character, Holly, is content with her present at the start of the novel, but it turns out her past has been holding out on her...

To see the whole of the post and read the conclusion, go to Battered Suitcase Press 

The eighth and final post of the tour will be published tomorrow, when we return to J.S.'s Goodreads Blog, the starting point of the tour a week ago.