28 June 2020

The Voltage Bird in The Journal

J.S. is extremely honoured to have her poem, "Tonight the Voltage Bird Returns", on the cover of issue 60 of The Journal.

Whilst you will have to buy a copy of the magazine to read its excellent contents in their entirety, should you feel tempted to click on the following link, you will be able to read J.S.'s poem for FREE...        https://thesamsmith.webs.com/…

8 June 2020

Writers' Club is Going Online

Writers' Club, facilitated by J.S.Watts and Emma Vandore, will be going online in response to the COVID 19 situation.

Details of future arrangements, and a chance to sign-up to our email list and participate in future meetings, can be found here. If you want to join in, just click on the "subscribe" tab and follow any instructions.

7 June 2020

Writing With (a) Blue Nib

J.S. is very happy to have four (yes, we did say four!) new poems published online by Blue Nib. The poems are:


Life Stilled - Jar With Flowers

Sky Form


You can read all four of them for FREE by clicking here.