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While J.S.Watts does not write a regular blog, she is often invited to contribute guest posts to others' blogs. Such generosity on the part of the blog hosts should not go unremarked and uncelebrated. With thanks to those concerned, this is a list of guest blog posts written by J.S, together with details of the blogs they have appeared in and a live link to both the post and the blog, where this is available.

J.S.Watts has a Goodreads author's page and a number of the following posts, (including some first published on Litopia) can also be found here.

She also has a photographic blog, Random Acts of Would-be Photography, which can be found here.

Assorted posts                                                Litopia Writers’ Colony (sadly now defunct)   

Green Grow The Rushes O                            Fantastique Unfettered

It’s A Cover Up                                                The Book Diva’s Reads

Location, location, location                               Rita Reviews

Writing Mythically                                            Reading With Anacrasia

Horror – A Personal Perspective                      Hellnotes

Write Mythic For Me                                        Night Owl Reviews

Bye-Bye, Dear Diary?                                      The Dan O’Brien Project

Strange Blog- or how I stopped worrying          Battered Suitcase Press
and learned to love blogging

Poetry vs Prose                                                PDPabst

Love Poetry – Counting The Ways                  Ute Carbone Blogspot

Blogging Briefly                                                The End of The Pier Show

Blogging in American                                       Slashed Reads

Writers Writing About Writing                          The Writers Vineyard

A Question of God                                           Now Appearing: Brian Clegg Blog

My Writing Process                                         Goodreads Blog

Meet My Character                                         Goodreads Blog

Writing For The Movies?                                 Jane Bwye

Rejection!                                                        Susan Finlay Writes

First Blog Of The Witchlight Tour                    Goodreads Blog

A Moment of Change                                      Bristol Book Blog (BRSBKBLOG)

Pigeonholes Are For Pigeons                         Brook Cottage Books

Travelling Across and Up and Down The Page     Susan Roebuck

Say Hello to Holly                                            Ute Carbone: Coffee With Friends

The Witch's Cat                                               Candy's Raves

Present And Past                                            Battered Suitcase Press

End of the Line, End of The Blog-Tour           Goodreads Blog

Christmas - Real Life                                      Jaylee James

Christmas - Written                                         Rhonda Parrish

Pictures Within Words                                    Authors Electric     

Author in Search of a Publisher                     Jay Lemming, Author

Shining Lights - Part I                                     Goodreads Blog

Shining Lights - Part II                                     Rhonda Parrish

Photographic Word Connectivity                     Random Acts of Would-be Photography

The Submerged Sea - Cover Art                     Random Acts of Would-be Photography

Witchlight and Dark                                         Meier Writers - The Author Hub

Edit, Then Edit, Then Edit Again                     Meier Writers - The Author Hub

Progressing                                                     Meier Writers - The Author Hub

Home Gardening Tips                                     Meier Writers - The Author Hub

Totleigh Barton In Autumn                              Random Acts of Would-be Photography

Questions I Don't Like Answering:                  Meier Writers - The Author Hub
What Are You Working on?

Autumn Songs                                                 Green Fire Poetry

Questions I Don't Like Answering:                  Meier Writers - The Author Hub
Why Do You Write?

Questions I Don't Like Answering:                  Meier Writers - The Author Hub
Where Do You Get Your Ideas From?

Questions I Don't Like Answering:                  Meier Writers - The Author Hub
When Did You Start Writing?

Writing The River                                            The Waterlight Project

Questions I Don't Like Answering:
What do you do? A writer? No, what do you really do?       Meier Writers - The Author Hub

Questions I Don't Like Answering:
What Do You Think of My Writing?                 Meier Writers - The Author Hub

Questions I Don't Like Answering:                    
How Man Books Have You Sold?                   Meier Writers - The Author Hub