20 January 2015

Film of the Book? Blog of the Film.

Jane Bwye, author of Breath of Africa (which was impressively nominated for both The Guardian First Book Award and Not The Booker Prize 2013) and i lift up my eyes, has very generously allowed me to write a guest post for her regular blog, thus allowing me to fantasise about who might play characters from my novels A Darker Moon and Witchlight.

If you want to find out whom I should like to play Abel from A Darker Moon, or which actresses are the perfect fit for Holly, my lead character from the forthcoming novel Witchlight, just click here.

If you don't, you'll always be left wondering...


14 January 2015

Diaries, Calendars and New Year Intentions

As I'm sure you've noticed, it's 2015 already and, at the time of writing this, we're fourteen days into the New Year.

In timely (well, almost timely) fashion the Christmas decorations are being put away in boxes and consideration is being given to the 2015 calendar of events and performances. J.S will be giving her first poetry reading of the New Year at Slack Folk in Colchester, Essex on Saturday 14th February. The event, which is a wonderful mixture of folk music and poetry, will start at 2pm and J.S. is expected to take the stage at about 2.55pm.

Further events will be added to the Events Page in due course. If you want to hear J.S.Watts reading her poetry and prose live, or attend one of her workshops, you should keep an eye open for future updates.

Alternatively, if you would like J.S. to perform at an event or come to give a talk to a group that you organise, please make contact via this website's Contact Page. J.S. can also be reached via the Contact An Author website, which is a great way to look for writers for specific events.