30 January 2022

Lothlorien Poetry Journal Volume 7 in Paperback

Volume 7 is now out in print format: a 250 page feast of over 60 brilliant poets and fiction writers, including five poems by J.S Watts first published online by Lothlorien.

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25 January 2022

An Eventful February II

 This is the first of the February events:

18 January 2022

An Eventful February

 J.S. has a couple of events coming up in February. This is one of them:

11 January 2022

Welcome 2022

As we edge tentatively and a tad nervously into 2022, J.S. is gradually accumulating a variety of events for the year (COVID permitting, of course). If you want know where J.S. will be performing or reading, or if you want check her availability for your own event, please just pop over to the Events page of this website.