31 March 2012

NEWS FLASH - Saturday 31st March 2012

"A Pint of Poetry" is now even bigger and better! It will be starting two hours earlier than advertised at approximately 7.30pm and will still be running hot at 9.30pm when it was originally scheduled to start. That means an extra two hours of open mic and randomly wonderful poetry, including The Guardian fantastic and video viral, Mark Grist.

See you in The Cellar Bar at Stamford Arts Centre.

24 March 2012

Verse 2012, Stamford Poetry Festival - March 2012

On Saturday, 31st March Peterborough based " A Pint of Poetry and A Dash of Drama" will be taking their eclectic open mic evening to the Cellar Bar of Stamford Arts Centre from 9.30pm until late (11pm or later) as part of Verse 2012, Stamford Poetry Festival.

J.S.Watts will be amongst the poets reading on the night. So if you want to hear JS read, or you just fancy a pint with your poetry, come on down to the Cellar Bar a little before 9.30pm.

Stamford Arts Centre,
27 St Mary's Street,
Stamford ,
PE9 2DL.

23 March 2012

River Rhymes - Ely's First Poetry Festival

The 2012 River Rhymes, Ely Poetry Festival was a marvellous event. It was so good it's being held again next year from 14th -17th March 2013 (provisional dates).

Put next year's dates in your diary now and keep upto date with River Rhymes' news via the River Rhymes website.

               J.S.Watts reading at River Rhymes, Ely Poetry Festival, March 2012