16 May 2015

First Blog Of The Witchlight Tour

The first blog post on J.S.Watts' eight day Witchlight blog-tour has gone up on J.S.'s Goodreads Blog! Here it is in full:

"Welcome to the first post of the trans-Atlantic Witchlight blog-tour.

If you have been anywhere near my website or Facebook page (or my Goodreads profile, or anyone that’s read one of the special pre-release e-copies, or indeed just me) you will have probably realised that I have a shiny new novel coming out on Tuesday 19th May. It’s called Witchlight. It’s a paranormal story of witchcraft and witchery and it’s going to be available in both the UK and the US in paperback and e-formats from my publisher, Vagabondage Press (and Amazon, and Barnes and Noble, and ibooks and…and…). Needless to say, I’m very excited.

Much of my excitement will inevitably be unleashed at the online launch party that’s taking place on 19th May via Facebook, but before then, and starting with this post, there is an eight day blog tour to promote the novel. Various kind and generous people have agreed to publish an assortment of guest posts from me, each one exploring a different aspect of Witchlight and my writing. The itinerary for the tour has already been published on this blog and on my website here, but you may want to note that the post on Goodreads author Sue Roebuck’s blog, scheduled for launch day itself, will involve a giveaway or two. Similarly, there will probably be some prizes on offer during the online launch party and, if that isn’t exciting enough, e-copies of Witchlight are currently available at an extra special pre-launch sale price (get your copy before 19th May).

Witchlight has been described as “Harry Potter for grown ups, with all the magic and all the humor, plus a cocktail hour and some romantic intrigue. J.S. Watts' lyrical prose, British wit, and irrepressible protagonist make WITCHLIGHT a rollicking read”. It’s a wonderful (and generous) summary, but it is just that – a summary.

In their way, the guest posts on the blog tour are all summaries as well, snapshots of Witchlight in different poses, but I’m hoping that the accumulated impact of the blog tour will provide people with a real taste of Witchlight as a whole, as well as my growing excitement, which I really am having difficulty controlling. Then again, I’m the author. The book’s my baby. I’m allowed to be excited. I would love it, though, if you could come to share my excitement with me.


The second post of the tour is called "A Moment of Change" and will be posted tomorrow, 17th May, on The Bristol Book Blog, otherwise known as BRSBKBLOG, which you can find at http://brsbkblog.blogspot.co.uk "