8 May 2015

Announcing The Witchlight Blog Tour

To celebrate the official launch of her new paranormal novel, "Witchlight", on 19th May, J.S.Watts is embarking on a week-long, non-stop, whistle-tooting blog tour across the UK and the States, starting on Saturday 16th May and finishing on Saturday 23rd May.

The tour timetable looks like this:

J.S.Watts' Goodreads Blog              Commencement of Witchlight Blog Tour                           16/5/15

Bristol Book Blog                              A Moment of Change                                                        17/5/15

Brook Cottage Books                       Pigeon Holes Are For Pigeons                                          18/5/15

Susan Roebuck Blog                        Travelling Across, And Up and Down the Page                19/5/15

Ute Carbone: Coffee With Friends            Say Hello To Holly                                                     20/5/15

Candy Raves                                    The Witch's Cat                                                                 21/5/15

Battered Suitcase Blog                     Past and Present                                                               22/5/15

 J.S.Watts' Goodreads Blog             Conclusion of Witchlight Blog Tour                                    23/5/15

Links to each blog post will be published on this website on as near to a daily basis as can be managed, so please do start checking back from 16th May onwards to join the Witchlight Blog Tour.