28 August 2013

Poetry v Prose

Having published books of both poetry and fiction, J.S.Watts was delighted to be asked to write a guest post for the American writer P.D. Pabst's blog on the subject of both poetry and prose.

If you're interested in the answers to questions such as “Which do you prefer writing, poetry or prose?” and “Don’t you find it a problem switching between poetry and fiction?” then you should follow this link to pdpabst and read the blog post.

23 August 2013

New Poems, Short Stories and Reviews

If you are looking for updates about individual poems, short stories and reviews written by J.S.Watts as soon as they are published (and who doesn't like to read stuff that's hot off the press?), the best place to go is J.S.'s Facebook Page. Newly published poems, short stories, flash fiction and reviews are announced there and links provided to the relevant web page(s).

For example, issue 12 of Bete Noire has just been released containing a new dark poem by J.S. This was announced on her Facebook page and a link provided to the magazine's website, but okay, as you're already reading this, you can have the link here too: Bete Noire Magazine You'll have to buy a copy of the zine if you want to read the poem, "Down at the Bottom of the Garden", but J.S.'s work can often be read for free and you'll find links to free publications on her Facebook page.

Alternatively, you can always check out the Acknowledgements Page of this website, which lists most (if not all) of the publications that have taken J.S.Watts' work and, in many cases, provides links to the publication and the published piece (where this is freely available).

So now you know - happy reading!


14 August 2013

Live and Reading

J.S.Watts has read and performed her poetry at festivals and events across the UK including the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. To find out where's she's reading next, check out the Events page of this website.

You can also watch brief video recordings of some of her readings by clicking on the following links:

J.S.Watts reading at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, 2011

J.S.Watts reading at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, 2012