29 January 2021

Poets Who Do Art

J.S. is honoured to be amongst some amazing poets and artists interviewed by the equally awesome Claire Trevien on her blog as part of a series exploring poets who also produce visual art.

You can read the interview by clicking here.

Photo by J.S. Watts

If you want to see more of J.S.'s photography you should check out her photographic blog, Random Acts of Would-Be Photography

27 January 2021

Five By Five in Lothlorien Poetry Journal

 Today, Lothlorien Poetry Journal has generously published five of J.S.'s poems:

            Bubble Witches


            Self Destruction Slowly

            Two Crows

            Surya Passes Above the Marigolds

You can read all five of them for FREE, by clicking here

                                                                                      Photo by J.S. Watts                                                            

11 January 2021

City Lightscapes in the Poetry Village

 J.S. is delighted to have a new poem, City Lightscapes, published online by the Poetry Village, who pair poems with some wonderful images.

You can read it for free by clicking on this link.