30 June 2015

The Literary Commune

Issue 5 of the Literary Commune is a Britlit special. As you can see, it includes poetry from J.S.Watts. For further details see The Literary Commune blogspot

14 June 2015

Shades of Witchlight - The Photo-blog

Did you miss last month's launch party for J.S.Watts' new paranormal novel, "Witchlight"?

Were you at the party and would like the chance to reminisce?

Would you like to see photos of some of the locations within "Witchlight"?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, or if you just like photographs, your luck is in. Over on her photo-blog, Random Acts of Would-be Photography, J.S. has gathered together some of the photographs from the launch party, plus a few new ones which also relate to the plot of "Witchlight" and constructed a brand new photo-blog post around then. Hopefully they provide a flavour of both the party and the novel.

Check them out here.

2 June 2015

Strawberries Down By The River

This coming Saturday, 6th June, is Cambridge's very own Strawberry Fair and the theme this year is "Down By The River"

J.S. is proud to be performing her poetry at the 41st Strawberry Fair and at approximately 3:45pm will take to the Wild Strawberries Stage on Midsummer Common to perform a ten minute set of sweetly ripened poetry and gently flowing lyricism.

Strawberry Fair is a FREE event, so please drop by to listen. You can find the Wild Strawberries Stage in the Eastern Bloco section of the fair.

1 June 2015

The Kiss and Beyond

The June edition of Beyond Science Fiction is out and available on Amazon.com

In it you can find "The Kiss", thought provoking flash fiction from J.S.Watts, and all the following wonderful words:

Amid The Steep Sky’s Commotion: A Tale of the Airship Ozymandias - Written by Josh Roseman
Captain Bartholomew Quasar and the Runaway Train on Zeta Moon 3 - Written by Milo James Fowler
The Spectatre - Written by L. Jo Trostle
7 Days to Die - Minecraft Meets the Zombie Apocalypse - Written by Ethan                                                    Cunningham
Facets - Written by Joe Jablonski
The Definition of Johnny - Written by Damien Krsteski
A Time Travel Surprise - Written by Jesse Rebock
The Hole - Written by Dylan Otto Krider
The Kiss - Written by J.S.Watts
A Review of Starship Troopers - Written by Seth A. Frederiksen
The Time has Come - Written by Elise Morin
Tomorrow's Fast Food - Written by John A. Frochio
When Good Men Do Nothing - Written by Seth Frederiksen
Waveson - Written by Diana Rohlman