11 June 2021

3 June 2021


J.S.'s poem June is the published poem for the beginning of this month over at Sylvia Magazine (a fresh online literary magazine publishing poetry and stories for every season). You can read this new poem free of charge by following the link on the magazine's home page or by clicking here.

1 June 2021

3 in 11 on 1/6


It's the 1st of June. Issue 11 of the online magazine Impspired is out today. There are many pieces in issue 11 including three poems by J.S. The poems are: Labyrinth, Catching Glimpses of the Sky, Home and Returning. If you want, you can read them all for free by clicking here

Go on, give it a try and experience 3 in 11 on 1/6 for yourself.