1 May 2015

Hellend - in a place Beyond Science Fiction

J.S.Watts has a dark, new piece of Flash Fiction in this month's issue of Beyond Science Fiction. So if you want to know what happens in The Village of Hellend, you are going to have to buy a copy!

If you do, you'll also get to read all of the following:

From The Editor's Desk
Beginnings – Written by Miranda N. Prather
Broch’s Paradox - Written by John Buentello and Lawrence Buentello
Concept: Leadership - Written by Jesse Rebock
Finder’s Keepers? - Written by Ivan Vyshynsky
Garden of Fog and Monsters - Written by Michelle Ann King
Lola’s Dream - Written by L. K. Pinaire
New Prayer Tavern - Written by Jason Bougger
The Nobleman and the Sparrow - Written by Ophelia Leong
Ode to the Stars - Written by Victoria Elizabeth
Open Door Policy - Written by Christopher Nadeau
Remnants of Yesterday - Written by Nathan Hystad
A Review of Sharknado - Written by Seth Frederiksen
The Village of Hellend - Written by J.S.Watts
Vodyanoi - Written by Dawn Vogel