25 April 2017

Hyper-Jump Blues

A new SF poem from J.S.Watts via the awesome Strange Fictions Zine - "Hyper-Jump Blues". You can read it for free here

22 April 2017

Fenland Reed - Borders and Bridges

The Spring 2017 issue (issue 4) of The Fenland Reed is now out there and you can buy your copy direct from the magazine's website

This is a themed issue on the very relevant topic of 'borders and bridges' with poetry and prose by many fine writers including (but not limited to):

Zeina Hashem Beck
Penny Boxall
Gram Joel Davis
Roger Elkin
Marion Leeper "Bard of Cambridge"
Hans Sahl

J.S.'s contribution is a new poem on the subject of "Cambridge".

20 April 2017

Sawbo Writers' Club - now with added J.S.Watts

Following her visit to The Sawbo Writers' Club as a special guest back in February, J.S. will be making more regular visits to the club from May onwards, starting with the 10th May meeting.

11 April 2017

Late Night Up In The Laboratory

A new SF poem by J.S.Watts has just emerged from Strange Fictions SciFi and Fantasy 'Zine. It's titled "Late Night Up in The Laboratory" and you can read it for free here