23 May 2015

End of The Line, End of the Blog-Tour

The eighth and final post has now gone up on J.S.Watts' Goodreads Blog. You can read the post in its entirety here:

Well that was the week and what a week it was!

The Witchlight blog-tour started here on Goodreads last Saturday. From here we went to Bristol in the UK with Bristol Book Blog (BRSBKBLOG), then to Brook Cottage Books, Portugal with Susan Roebuck, Coffee with friends and Ute Carbone in The States. We stayed in The States For Candy's Raves and Battered Suitcase and now here we are back at Goodreads. We’ve considered how life can change in a moment, what can happen when past and present meet, the delights of cross-genre writing, the writing journey and met two key characters from Witchlight. Even Dickens the cat managed to turn his paw to blogging, (brilliantly, he says) and I got to show you, I hope, my novel Witchlight from many different angles.

In the middle of this week’s tour, Witchlight was officially launched in both paperback and e-formats and we managed to party virtually and simultaneously on both sides of the Atlantic thanks to Facebook and the video-link marvels of Google Hangouts. We even managed some giveaways during the party and now there are further Witchlight giveaways over on Susan Roebuck’s website. (Catch them while you can. They finish on 31st May).

Oh yes, somewhere in the midst of all that there was a radio interview about Witchlight and an amazing book-launch celebration cake.


Some videos of me reading the opening chapter of Witchlight also found their way onto You Tube. You can watch the first video in the sequence here:

That doesn’t seem too shabby for the launch week of Witchlight and, I have to say, I’ve been very pleased with some of the nice comments people have made about Witchlight:

"if you're looking for a cast of lovely characters, an interesting plot, and the story that will reel you in right from the start, then this is it"

"Not to use a witch term, but I was enchanted by Witchlight. I was a fan of Holly from the first page and the writing kept me interested enough to keep turning the page.

I would recommend this book to Paranormal fiction lovers. It's full of witchy goodness, dark and light."

"The scenery and characters were brought to life in exquisite detail."

"This is paranormal at its best, what a truly well written, informative, extraordinary book."

“I reviewed this book and it is FAB!!!”

"Witchlight is a great read"

“I loved it.”

And now we are at the end of the line, which, if you have read Witchlight, you will know has dark significance within the Witchlight story. If you came along for the ride, I hope you enjoyed the trip. If you haven’t yet had the opportunity to sample some of the highlights of the tour, they are still out there in the ether, ready and waiting for you to view and read. Please feel free. Of course, Witchlight itself is out there and hoping to be read. Just saying…