22 November 2017

A Fix of Fiction in December

J.S.Watts will be reading excerpts from her novel, A Darker Moon.

Other readers include Pete Cardinal Cox and Helen Claire Gould.

2 November 2017

The Hidden and The Divine

A special issue of A New Ulster has just been released. It is called "The Hidden and The Divine" and it showcases female voices writing, emanating from and publishing in Ireland.

It includes two poems by J.S.Watts: "The Effect of Moonlight on the Human Voice" and a previously unpublished poem, "Woollens".

You can read both of them, along with all the other wonderful writing in the magazine, by clicking here

The writers featured in the issue are:

Mary McGonagle Johnson,                           Trish Bennett
Lynda Tavakoli,                                             Shelley Tracey
Orflaith Foyle,                                               Orla Mcalinden
Seanin Hughes,                                            Cathy Donelan
J.S. Watts,                                                    Morna Sullivan
Therese Kieran,                                            Jenny Methven
Beverly M. Collins,                                        Liz Quirke
Fiona Perry,                                                  Frances Browner
Vicki Mullan,                                                 Ellie Rose McKee
Eileen Sheehan,                                           Margaret O'Driscoll
Chris Murray,                                                Moyra Donaldson
Maeve McGarrity,                                         Amy Barry
Gaynor Kane,                                               Eithne Lannon
Yvonne Boyle,                                              Margaret Saine
Anne Mcmaster,                                           Csilla Toldy