22 October 2021

Bell Rings Out


J.S is very pleased to have her poem Bell published in the Cephalo Press online magazine Ink Sac.

You can read Bell and find links to other recent Ink Sac posts by clicking here

25 September 2021

Somewhere, Not Here

J.S. is very pleased to have a brand new poem in the latest issue of Poetry Quarterly. Yes, it is called the Spring Issue and it's almost autumn, but well... poets, pandemic and publishing.

18 September 2021

19 August 2021

16 August 2021

Doctor Death

Another dark and disturbing story from the pen of J.S.Watts has been published by Dark Fire Fiction. Read it and you may never feel the same way again about visiting your local doctor. You can find J.S.'s brand new story, Doctor Death, by following this link.

14 August 2021

Stone Circle

J.S. is pleased to have a new poem, Stone Circle, published online by Hecate in its online volume IV.

You can read the poem for free and check out the accompanying art work by clicking here or checkout the e-zine as a whole by clicking on the other links provided above.

7 August 2021

Poems, Photographs and Cloudscapes

J.S. has a new post over on her photoblog, Random Acts of Would-Be Photography, that explores local-to-her cloudscapes in photos and words.

You can see and read it by clicking here