20 November 2019

Things I Wish I'd Known: Writing is Not As Sedentary An Activity As You Might Think

J.S. has embarked on a series of, roughly monthly, guest blog posts called "Things I Wish I'd Known". Post number four, "Writing is Not As Sedentary An Activity As You Might Think", is now available to read on the Meier Writers site. You can read it for free by clicking here

Check back here, or direct on the Meier Writers blog, about this time next month (or maybe a wee bit earlier) for the next post in the series - it will have a festive feel to it.

10 November 2019


J.S.Watts has a piece of Sci Fi flash fiction in issue 17 of the Writer's Cafe Magazine, Masks. You can read The Story Teller for free online by clicking here, but you will need to scroll down quite a way to find out whether the tales the story teller tells are real or not.

31 October 2019

Nevermore - Earth to Earth

Just in time for Halloween, Nightingale and Sparrow have brought out their fourth issue, Nevermore. It includes a new, dark, gothic tale by J.S.Watts - Earth to Earth.

"At the end, we all return peacefully to the elements that gave birth to us—unless the element that took us claims us first and for itself alone..."

You can buy the print edition of the magazine, read the online edition or browse the website listing by clicking here

30 October 2019

Listen Again to Poetry Today

If you didn't manage to catch "Poetry Today", the fourth broadcast in the Book Programme series on North Herts Radio, never fear. Just click on the listen again feature at the bottom of the linked page and you can hear J.S. Watts and Rownena M Love talk to Jane Dismore about modern poetry, page poetry v public performance, sources of inspiration and how readers and listeners interact with poems. You can also hear specially recorded readings from some of their own poems and music they've chosen to resonate with them.

Click this link to go to the Book Programme page on North Herts Radio website and then scroll down to the bottom to find the listen again button for Episode Four.

26 October 2019

Poetry Today on North Herts Radio

This coming Sunday at 4pm on North Herts Radio The Book Programme will feature J.S.Watts and Rowena M. Love talking to Jane Dismore about contemporary poetry.

Further details about Sunday's programme and a chance to listen again to the first three broadcasts in the series, including J.S.Watts and Emma Vandore's A Story in the Making, can be found here: https://www.northhertsfm.com/books