19 August 2019

Everyday Ghosts

Another ghostly tale from J.S.Watts sees the light of day this month.

It's a little early for Halloween, but, in this blackly humorous story, Owen would be grateful if Halloween never came by at all.

Everyday Ghosts is available to read online at Dark Fire Fiction

16 August 2019

Buzz at Survision

Issue no. 5 of Survision Magazine has been published online. Based in Ireland, the biannual online magazine prides itself on publishing the most exciting Surrealist poetry of different trends and schools being written now.

J.S.Watts is honoured that she has a brand new poem, Buzz, in issue 5. You can read it for FREE here

15 August 2019


We tell ourselves ghost stories after dark because it's scarier that way and because ghosts come out at night, but what if they don't?

A brand new, haunting, daylight tale from J.S.Watts is now available on the Dream of Shadows website. Click here to read for FREE

28 July 2019

Six Things I Wish Were Better Known

J.S.Watts has been chatting with Ivan Wise of the Better Known podcast about six things she wishes were better known: the painter Basil Ede, Poetry, The French Horn, Bats, Bartlow Hills and Chalk Streams. You can hear what she had to say for herself by going to betterknown.co.uk/2019/07/28/js-watts/.

For the record, she knows she got the location of the River Piddle wrong and is very embarrassed about it because half of her family come from Dorset...

The Better Known podcast website provides interesting links to all six things talked about, but, if you have the time and are interested, you also might light to check out:

Basil Ede: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Basil_Ede

Bartlow Hills: http://wouldbephotography.blogspot.com/2019/04/bartlow-hills.html

Chalk Streams: https://waterlightproject.org.uk

10 July 2019

Double Helpings in August

August's Writers' Club will be doing double, when J.S. Watts leads on two topics instead of the usual one.

8 July 2019

The Seven Faces of Mister Death

Over on The Reaper today there is a brand new and rather dark poem by J.S. Watts, The Seven Faces of Mister Death.

For those interested in the technicality of such things, it is a prose poem with numbers. It may also be disturbingly contemporary.

To read the poem (it is free) simply click on the poem's title above.

3 July 2019

Landscape and Maps

J.S. is pleased to have a new poem, "Timeless", in the land mass of poems that constitutes issue 16 of the Writer's Cafe Magazine, "Landscape and Maps".

You can read the magazine for free and online here