30 January 2013

Radio Litopia Podcast and Interview

January seems to be the month for interviews. If you look through the previous posts on this page, you'll find that J.S.Watts has already done two interviews which have appeared in written blogs this month. Now it's the turn of talk radio.
If you're into the legal complexities of writing and publishing, Radio Litopia's latest "The Debriefer" podcast, "Lance The Boil" is worth a listen and if you listen all the way to the end you'll find J.S.Watts talking about "A Darker Moon" with Radio Litopia's Peter Cox.
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29 January 2013

January - Month of Interviews

Niteblade Horror and Fantasy Magazine has also interviewed J.S.Watts this month (see the previous post for J.S.'s interview with Battered Suitcase Press).

Niteblade was keen to know about J.S.'s work as a poet, her attraction to speculative fiction and the inside story on her poem "Lycanthropist", which was previously published by Niteblade. Her new novel, "A Darker Moon", also gets a mention.

If you want to read the full Niteblade interview, click here.

Also, check back here over the next day or two for news of further January interviews.

24 January 2013

Inside the Head of J.S.Watts

J.S.Watts is interviewed by Battered Suitcase Press, the new literary and fiction imprint of Vagabondage Press.

In the interview she talks about her favourite writers and books, what made her want to be a writer and what she thinks makes a good story, as well as what made her cry at school.

Read the full interview here.   

18 January 2013

A Literary Review for 'A Darker Moon'

Some fine words for J.S.Watts' novel A Darker Moon in Leanne Moden's Literary Ely blog:

Leanne Moden writes, "It's a fascinating book, filled with thought-provoking concepts, and unusual and compelling characters."

She liked the plot, "The plot is itself is compelling; a real page turner"

And she liked the writing, "Watts peppers her writing with exquisitely imaginative imagery, making this a wonderfully poetic novel, as well as a great read."

Indeed, it's probably safe to say she liked the book, " 'A Darker Moon' is a book that will delight both hardcore fantasy fans and newcomers to the genre. I am very much looking forward to the next novel by JS Watts."

16 January 2013

There's a Shindig in Cambridge

On 26th January at 8pm prompt there is going to be a multi-media Shindig at St. Philip's Church in Mill Road, Cambridge.

Don't know what a Shindig is? Then check it out here

It is going to be a pretty literate show, with storyteller-poets, visuals, and bands that write songs about Catcher in the Rye and Cool Hand Luke. Touring duo Rue Royale grace the event with their presence, whilst local post-rock/instrumentalists Subzar are set to be very impressive. There are also The Retrospective Soundtrack Players, plus the trio of Fay Roberts, J.S. Watts, and Emily Scialom sharing their literary brains/beings with the audience.

So if you want to sample J.S.Watts' literary brain, or at least hear some of her poetry and stories, get yourself down to Shindig on 26th January.

8 January 2013

Handshake shakes hands with Steelyard Sue

Songs of Steelyard Sue by J.S.Watts (Lapwing Publications 2012) has been reviewed in issue no. 85 of Handshake.

The conclusion? "Funny and sad, these poems are a real achievement."

See here for more details of this and other books by J.S.Watts.

3 January 2013

New Arrivals at Heffers Bookshop, Cambridge

Shopping in Cambridge? J.S.Watts' A Darker Moon and Songs of Steelyard Sue are both now stocked by Heffers of Cambridge.

        20 Trinity Street, Cambridge,
        CB2 1TB