24 December 2015

Best Wishes of The Season

Best Wishes for the 2015 Winter Holiday Season - whichever festival you choose (or do not choose) to celebrate - and all the best for 2016, which is going to contain the launch of "Years Ago You Coloured Me", my new poetry collection. Needless to say, I'm rather excited about it.

Here's to 2016!



17 December 2015

A Christmas Story

The second part of the Midwinter Special 2015, published by Three Drops From a Cauldron, is now live and available to read online. It features poetry and flash fiction from, amongst others: Jackie Briggs, Bethany Rivers, Mary Franklin, Chris Hemingway, Gareth Writer-Davies, Paul Tristram and J.S.Watts.

J.S.Watts' flash fiction is a dark look at one historical aspect of Christmas and is called "A Christmas Story - For The Children", but you might not want to let your children read it...

You can find part II of the Midwinter Special here

14 December 2015

Christmas - Written (A Giftmas Blog Tour Post)

The second of J.S.Watts' blog posts within Rhonda Parrish's Giftmas Blog tour has now been published. Whilst the first of the two posts reflected J.S.'s real life experiences of Christmas, this second post looks at how those experiences have infiltrated and coloured her writing, including her most recent novel, Witchlight.

Rhonda Parrish herself is hosting the second post, "Christmas-Written", which you can read by clicking here.

If you missed it, you can still read the first post, "Christmas-Real Life", hosted by the writer Jaylee James, by clicking here.

10 December 2015

Voices For Peace

Literary magazine, A New Ulster, has responded to this year's violent events by producing an anthology, "Voices for Peace".

The anthology includes poems by, amongst others, Amos Grieg, Michael Whelan, Marion Clarke and J.S.Watts. Two poems by J.S. are included: Broken Parts March Past (which was first published in the "Poems For Peace Anthology") and Replacing Helicopters with Buzzards (a brand new, previously unpublished poem)

You can read the online version of the anthology for free by clicking here

5 December 2015

Christmas - Real Life (A Giftmas Blog Tour Post)

As noted previously, this year J.S.Watts is participating in Rhonda Parrish's Giftmas Blog tour. J.S.'s first post, Christmas - Real Life, has now been posted on the writer Jaylee James' blog.

Thank you, Jaylee, for being such an hospitable host.

If you want to know how J.S. spent her childhood Christmases or what Christmas means to J.S. now, click on the above link or here.

The Fortune Teller - Mirror Dance

J.S. Watts is delighted that her poem The Fortune Teller is featured in the Winter 2015 issue of the rather superb online magazine Mirror Dance. You can read J.S.'s poem and explore the whole magazine by clicking on the above links.