31 May 2019

Strawberry Fair 2019

Are you going to Strawberry Fair? If so, and if you like poetry, spoken word, music and and a blurring of the genres you should check out the Wild Strawberries Stage in the Arts Area of the Fair.

J.S. Watts will be performing her poetry at Strawberry Fair in Cambridge at around 2.30pm tomorrow (Saturday 1st June). The rest of the rather wonderful line-up is detailed below. If you'd like to sign up to the open mic, you can do so in advance, or just rock up on the day. http://bit.ly/wsform2019 to sign up in advance

Line-up so far (all of which is subject to the whims of chance, weather, traffic, and poets/ storytellers/ musicians, naturally) is as follows:

12:00: Intro
12:05: Open mic
12:10: Open mic
12:15: Micaela Blitz
12:20: Pauline Radley
12:25: Simone Morton
12:40: Open Mic
12:45: open mic
12:50: Beth Hartley
13:05: The Antipoet
13:50: The Ministry of Unplanned Occurrences (tbc)
14:15: Michael Brown
14:30: J.S.Watts
14:45: Lulu Agate
14:50: Open mic
14:55: Janis Ford
15:00: Bertram Holt
15:05: Paul Eccentric (poetry)
15:20: Jessica Law
15:45: Charlie Finn
15:50: Lucy McEleney
15:55: Jude Stephens
16:00: Jody Lee
16:05: Camille McCawley
16:20: Mark McGivern
16:35: Shelly Harder
16:50: Caron Freeborn
17:05: Moth Conspiracy
17:30: Patrick Widdess
17:45: Lee House
18:00: Nathan Smith
18:15: Debbie Luxon
18:30: Open Mic
18:35: Trish Harewood
18:40: Tracey Cracknell
18:45: Open Mic
18:50: Open Mic
18:55: Open Mic

After this you might want to stick around for:

19:00-20:00 2019 Strawberry Slam in association with Hammer & Tongue Cambridge
20:00-finish 2019 Strawberry Jam (poetry/ music/ interpretive dance/ whatever! - please come and play! 

13 May 2019


Based on a parable told by the Venerable Bede over a thousand years ago, J.S. Watts explores a lifetime's flight in the poem Flight online in The Reaper.

1 May 2019

Questions I Don't Like Answering - Part VII

The seventh and final guest post in the blog series J.S.Watts has been writing for Meier Writers is now available online.

This month it's the turn of the often asked question, "How Many Books Have You Sold?" It turns out this can be an unduly personal question and, yes, size does matter.

To find out J.S.' thoughts on this personal and, at times, very basic question, click here.