30 December 2014

Harry's Cat is Waiting

Just in time for the New Year - well, okay, a couple of days early, but that just gives you more reading time - Harry's Cat is waiting for you in Issue 10 of The Literary Hatchet.

As you tuck into your New Year's feast (or your Christmas left-overs), Harry's Cat is a digestive treat for those suffering from an overindulgence of kitten cuteness on Facebook and other social media sites.

Harry's Cat is a brand new short story from J.S.Watts. It appears in Issue 10 of The Literary Hatchet, along with a festive banquet of stories, pictures and poems from some fantastic writers and artists, and you can download it for free here .

22 December 2014

Seasons Wishes

Best Wishes for the 2014 Winter Holiday Season - whichever festival you choose (or do not choose) to celebrate



15 December 2014

The Sound of White Space

Would you like a brand new short story from J.S.Watts for free? Would you like to hear J.S. read one of her stories?

If you answered "yes" to either of the above questions, you are in luck. "White Space", a brand new, darkly quirky short story by J.S.Watts is available for free via the audio magazine "The Breakroom Stories" and it's J.S. who is reading it.

So if you want to hear what J.S. sounds like, or if you just want to have a new short story read to you whilst you snuggle down in your armchair to avoid the cold and white of winter click here , except, of course, the white wastes of winter might just be waiting for you in the story...