28 March 2016

Official Launch - Years Ago You Coloured Me

Yes, it's been a month-long launch, but the official launch event and reading for Years Ago You Coloured Me is here and it's tomorrow.

Allographic are delighted to present a delicious array of spoken word - storytelling, poetry, and improvised theatre - in aid of the "Once Upon A Time", a Collaborating Cambridge Art Exhibition, and "In Other Words", the forthcoming Fringe Festival for Cambridge, plus Allographic are also incredibly excited to be hosting the book launch of poet and author J.S Watts!

Tomorrow night's line up includes the fantastic Fay Roberts, Uppahar Subba and Tim Knight, Jack Bateman, Abi Palmer and, of course, J.S.Watts.

Full details of the evening, which is taking place at the Cambridge Art Salon, 1 Thrifts Walk, Cambridge, CB4 1NR, can be found here