12 March 2016

Broadcasts Like Buses

J.S. had a lovely time talking to Suzie Thorpe on Cambridge 105 this morning about Years Ago You Coloured Me. Rumour has it that her Bookmark interview for the same radio station might also have been on air this afternoon, but this morning's broadcast words and the radio station's written words on Facebook and their website were strangely divergent on the matter.

An investigation of Cambridge 105's schedule for the day has, however, unearthed the fact that J.S.'s Bookmark interview about Witchlight, A Darker Moon and Years Ago You Coloured Me was scheduled to be broadcast today at 1pm as part of the Bookmark programme. Who knew?

It seems that radio interviews are indeed like buses: nothing for ages and then two come along together.

We are hoping that one or both interviews were recorded for podcast purposes and will be available for your further listening pleasure. If they are, we will post them here in due course. Check back over the next week or so to see...