29 February 2020

Today's the Day!

J.S. Watts’ impatiently awaited new novel, Old Light, is officially launched today! It's the second book in the popular Witchlight series (as published by Strange Fictions Press, an imprint of Vagabondage Press) and carries forward the story of magic and witchcraft started in Witchlight.

Holly has had a year to deal with the family-sized portion of Old Magic she has inherited. Her focus is on the future, but when both The Coven and the past come calling, the future she has imagined seems to be slipping form her grasp.

If the past is truly a different country, it turns out it is a dark and bloody one that shares a border with the present – a border that is frequently crossed.

Holly needs to right a past wrong and lay some old ghosts, without becoming one herself, if she is to come to terms with her present and claim her future.

The novel is available in paperback and e-book formats and is available from all the usual outlets, including online via Amazon.

Paperback –Amazon UK                                                   Paperback – Amazon US

Kindle - Amazon UK                                                         Kindle – Amazon US

If you’d like to hear J.S read extracts from her new novel or talk to her about it, check out the Events Page of this website for forthcoming readings in Peterborough (1st March) and Papworth (3rd March).

Old Light, the second novel in the Witchlight Series by J.S.Watts, is published by Strange Fictions/ Vagabondage Press (2020). ISBN: 978-1946050205