1 February 2020

Old Light Cover Reveal - Penultimate Veil

We're almost there. Just one last flimsy strip of veil to go in the dance of the seven veils.

I have a new novel out at the end of this month, 29th February to be precise, from Vagabondage Press. It's called Old Light and it's the second book in the Witchlight series and carries forward the story of magic and witchcraft started in Witchlight. Holly has had a year to deal with the family-sized portion of Old Magic she has inherited. Her focus is on the future, but when both The Coven and the past come calling, the future she has imagined seems to be slipping form her grasp.

The novel is available in paperback and e-book formats, ISBN 978-1-946050-20-5 and I shall be giving a sneak preview of it in Peterborough, tomorrow, 2nd February at 8pm at Samm's, 29 Bridge Street, Peterborough, PE1 1HA. See my events page for further details.

In time honoured fashion I have been sharing Old Light's cover reveal, but oh so very slowly.

So, here's the sixth photo of the new book. The light is very close. Just one last veil to go.

The veils in Old Light are the ones that separate the past from the present, the living from the dead - or don't. Will you see the light ?

Check back here on 5th February to see the full cover and for more details about Old Light.