1 December 2013

Writing About Writers (Writing About Writing)

"Have you noticed how often writers write about writing? I don’t just mean blog posts or diaries and autobiographies, but also creative writing: stories, poetry and novels that deal with or touch upon the craft of writing. Because we do, you know, spend a lot of time writing about writing and, yes, the fact that I’m a writer writing about writers writing about writing is not lost on me.

So why do we do it – write about writing, that is?"

If you are interested in J.S.Watts' answers to this question, you might want to check out today's guest post on The Writers Vineyard blog. In it she talks about why writers write and, especially, why writers just love to write about writing. That's a whole load of writing!

J.S. would like to thank The Writers Vineyard for generously hosting her post "Writers Writing About Writing".