1 November 2013

Poetry and Prose - It's All Happening!

There's lots of stuff taking place between now and Christmas. J.S.Watts will be doing a variety of poetry readings to welcome in the season's festivities and raise funds for some very good causes. Check back here for further updates and keep an eye on this website's Events Page where you can already find details of December's poetry and folk music fundraiser for Bury St. Edmund's Holocaust Garden Memorial Fund.

J.S. will also be writing guest posts for the writerly The Writer's Vineyard blog and the cerebral and scientific Now Appearing , the blog of the talented and prolific science author Brian Clegg (did you know he's even been the answer to a University Challenge question?). J.S.'s guest post for The Writer's Vineyard will be published on 1st December. The date for the Now Appearing guest post will be confirmed shortly.

Further updates will be provided on this website in the run up to Christmas. So, do keep checking back.