18 August 2012

Songs of Steelyard Sue

The new pamphlet-sized poetry sequence by J.S.Watts, "Songs of Steelyard Sue" (published by Lapwing Publications) has been launched to a fanfare of clanking, rusty metal. The poems narrate the life and times of a future-world everyman, or, more accurately, everyrobot, the titular Steelyard Sue, living out her existence on an Earth turned rubbish heap.

                    "Lays of raw creation
                     Tales of bright decay."
Like life, the poems are a mixture of the funny and the sad, raucous and contemplative, light and dark. Readers of Mslexia will already be familiar with one of the poems, "Steelyard Sue Plants a Garden", but there are many others to intrigue, entertain and give you cause to think.

Songs of Steelyard Sue by J.S.Watts (ISBN 9781909252028) is published by Lapwing Publications, rrp £10.00.
For further details about how and where to buy a copy of "Songs of Steelyard Sue" check out the Publications page.