22 August 2012

Praise for Steelyard Sue and J.S.Watts

A review of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival show "A Pint of Poetry and a Dram of Drama" praises the highlights of the show as "the most memorable poems I’ve seen so far this month – and I’ve been to see two sets of published poets perform their work."

The review goes on to pick out four "poets I’d happily watch for a full hour-long show" including "Tim Goodings and his poem ‘Massive Beard’ about the most beardy of beards he one day plans to grow; a poet in a fabulous waistcoat whose name I didn’t catch (it was Mike Alderson - Ed.) who invited the audience to share his love of Tinkerbell; J.S. Watts, the group’s only published poet, with her surreal and funny poems about the ‘mechanoid female’ scrapyard Sue; and Mark Grist, Peterborough’s poet laureate ... and his ‘love poem’ to Peterborough, warts and all."

The review can be read in full on the 'somesuchlike blog'