31 May 2012

Strawberries Before Pimms

It maybe Pimms and Poetry on Wednesday 20th June, but before then it's strawberry time, Strawberry Fair time, to be precise. Cambridge's very own Strawberry Fair makes its annual return to Midsummer Common on Saturday, 2nd June.

During the day, The Mad Hatters Stage (on The Village Green) and Peddling Words (in The Green Area) will be hosting an awesome collection of talented spoken word artists including, to name but a few: Vikki Laxton-Bass, Jessie Durrant, Mal Content, Hollie McNish, Magic Phil, Fay Roberts and J.S.Watts.

As is the way of things, times maybe subject to change, but, currently, J.S.Watts is scheduled to perform at:

              12.45pm   on the   Mad Hatters Stage
              15.15pm   at          Peddling Words

Adnission to Strawberry Fair is FREE.

Strawberry Fair, Midsummer Common, Cambridge.

                              The Strawberry Fair Image is taken from the Strawberry Fair website