1 July 2023

Underword Comes To Hitchin

It's July and the Hitchin Festival is getting under way - a month long celebration of culture and entertainment.

J.S. is pleased to be participating. On Thursday, 27th July she will be at Halsey's Deli and Eatery reading from her most recent poetry collection, 'Underword'.

The poems of ‘Underword’ loosely follow the story of Orpheus whilst exploring the western world’s final taboo, death. Expect dark, thought-provoking poetry, some humour, at least one love poem and a robust approach to the end that waits us all.

It will be a 30 minute reading, kicking off at 3pm on the 27th. Make sure you book your ticket in advance. It includes a drink at the historic Halsey's Deli.