6 May 2023

Acumen Reviews Underword

The literary journal Acumen has generously reviewed J.S.Watts' recent poetry collection Underword in its May 2023 edition (issue 106).

You'll have to hop over to the Acumen website to buy a copy of #106 in order to read its poetry, prose and reviews in full, but here's a flavour of its review of Underword :

"Watts' poems are dextrous and engaging, bearing the reader along with the narrative skills she has honed in her other life as a novelist."

"In the title poem 'Underword' we have the first reference in the book to Orpheus, whose mythical story is the guiding influence behind the collection."

"poems in Watts' collection have light and colour at their centre"

You can buy your own copy of Underword from this website and from Amazon, amongst other outlets.