6 November 2021

Elderlight is Coming!

Elderlight, is a paranormal novel by J.S.Watts - the third and final novel in the praised Witchlight series.

The Grand Coven of Great Britain, Ireland and All Isles Within Their Domain’s glory days are in the past, but it remains the governing body for all witches in Britain.

When members of The Coven start turning up dead, it seems as if someone is settling some old scores or launching a power-grab, or both.

It’s going to take a witch with considerable power to find the perpetrator and bring them to justice before the entire Coven is eliminated. Holly is the obvious witch for the job, but first she has to avoid joining the list of the recently deceased, or being found guilty of the growing number of murders.

                       Elderlight will be published by Vagabondage Press on 7th December 2021