23 December 2020

Season's Wishes and a Little Light

2020 has been a rum old year, and no mistake. So, I'd like to take the opportunity to wish you all the best for the winter holidays, however you spend them this year, and to share some light, along with the traditional Yuletide flame.

Photo by J.S.Watts


To find this poem

I am following a bright star

through the darkest days of winter,

which is apposite.

It started with a star, if you believe,

and the bright of angel wings,

a blinding host

refracted on regal diadems,

golden caskets, the tender light

of a mother’s eye.


It is all about light,

born that night and reflecting

down centuries, millennia of firelight,

candle-glow, sparkle of crisp, sharp frost,

hopeful glimmers in the black, gaudy fairy-lights

shining on curves of polished glass,

excitement sparking in a child’s eyes

as they catch tinsel, shiny ribbon, gift-wrapped dreams.

All illuminating the longest dark

with a life-igniting festival of lights.



© J.S.Watts

Lights was first published in The Writers' Magazine