21 September 2020

The Book Programme on North Herts Radio

The Society of Authors in Hertfordshire has joined forces with North Herts Radio to produce two series of The Book Programme.

North Herts Radio has recently broadcast the five episodes in the second series of the Book Programme, as created by Society of Authors members. All five episodes are available to listen to at your leisure on the station's website https://www.northhertsfm.com/the-book-programme-s2 (just scroll down to the very bottom of the page). All episodes are entertaining, interesting and informative and look at writing from different angles, but episode 2 (the language of poetry) and episode 4 (the craft of writing) specifically involve J.S. Other episodes consider starting your own business, self-publishing and speculative fiction (well worth a listen).

If you haven't managed to catch up with series 1, then you can listen again to that too at https://www.northhertsfm.com/books (J.S. appears in episodes 2 and 4 of this series as well and, no, it wasn't deliberate).

J.S. Watts presenting Episode 4 (Series 2) of The Book Programme with Jane Dismore, Jane O'Reilly and Chris West