21 August 2020

The Book Programme - Series 2

North Herts Radio is launching a second series of The Book Programme beginning this Sunday, 23rd August, at 4pm (though there will be a listen again feature).

The first show looks at self-publishing and features romantic novelist Julie Stock as one of the contributors, along with Rowena M Love and Hilary Robertson. All five programmes in this new series will be entertaining and informative, but for obvious reasons this website is going to highlight:

Episode Two - Poetry: Language, Style and Voice (to be broadcast 30th August 2020)

Award Winning poets Rowena M Love and J.S. Watts take a dive into the language of poetry. What is the importance of style? What is the impact of voice within poetry and why should you have it? How do you choose the right language to use? How do you juggle all these issues when translating poetry from or into a different language and what has the Frank Sinatra hit “My Way” got to do with translating poetry?

Episode Four - The Craft Of Writing (to be broadcast 13th September 2020)

We have a studio full of writers today discussing their craft and how to develop it. J.S. Watts will be talking with fellow novelist Jane O’Reilly, biographer Jane Dismore and polymath non-fiction and fiction author Chris West. Questions considered include how do you become a writer, can you ever make it pay, where does inspiration come from and what is best, fiction or non-fiction? In between lively debate, the writers choose some of their favourite music tracks and explain the links to their writing.

Recording Episode 2 - J.S. Watts, Rowena M Love and Julie Stock (Early March 2020)