9 June 2017

A Rare Chance To Hear The Songs Of Steelyard Sue

As part of the 2017 In Other Words alternative literary fringe festival, J.S. Watts will be giving a performed reading of Songs of Steelyard Sue on Saturday, 17th June.

This will be a rare opportunity to hear J.S.Watts perform the entirety of her award-nominated (Saboteur Awards 2013 and SFPA Elgin Awards 2013) SF poetry sequence, Songs of Steelyard Sue.

Scratching out an existence on a world humanity has trashed and left to rust, Steelyard Sue is a future everyman (or, to be precise, a future-world every mechanoid female) trying to make a place for herself. Expect humour, pathos and robots.

“Funny and sad, these poems are a real achievement” – Handshake

“There’s nothing mechanical about J. S. Watts’ poetry. It has heart and soul, and it sings” – Science Fiction Poetry Association

“poetic parables filled with pathos and wit… the verve and imagination of Watts’s Songs make this pamphlet unique.” Cameron Brady-Turner for Sabotage Reviews

The performance will take place in the basement of the CB2 Bistro, 5 -7 Norfolk Street Cambridge, CB1 2LD, on Saturday, 17th June, starting at 4.25pm and finishing around 5.10pm. Entry is free, but a collection will be taken at the end of the reading. Click here for further details and information about In Other Words