26 November 2016

Cambridge Bard Reverses Advent!

The Bard of Cambridge has launched her Christmas Advent Calendar for 2016.

She is taking up the Reverse Advent Calendar challenge from Cambridge City Food Bank.

Every day for a month, starting on 26th November, she is putting an item of food in a box and posting a poem, memory, or reflection about it on her webpage.

All the food is going to the Cambridge Food Bank to distribute at Christmas to those who need it.

She would love people to join her! You could:

– Join in with the poems, by sending your own writing to add to the page, or making your own advent calendar page;
– Join in with the food bank idea by making your own Christmas collection to give to Cambridge Food Bank ;
Donate money to Cambridge Food Bank;
– Tell your friends about the Food Bank scheme!

The first advent calendar post has now been published with a poem by The Bard herself and a haiku by J.S.Watts. You can read it here.