14 July 2016

Poems in a Bookshop

Coles Books, Bicester has a poetry evening coming up - Thursday, July 21st @ 7pm to be precise. 

The guest poet is J.S.Watts and there is the usual Open Mic Session. Anyone can get up and read their own poetry or a favourite poem - something from childhood or more recent - or maybe even some song lyrics. No one has ever tried a shopping list, but as long as it sounds poetic, then, apparently, anything goes!

J.S.will be reading from her new collection, "Years Ago You Coloured Me", as well as from her earlier books.

Come along and join in (or just watch & listen) - it's only £3 a ticket and Coles will throw in a free glass or two of something to give you some Dutch courage. There is also a 10% discount on books bought on the night.

Ring 01869 320779, visit the bookshop website or call in to Coles to reserve your seat.