1 October 2015

Aren't You Just A Wee Bit Curious?

J.S. is mightily chuffed to have a brand new poem in the Curious Issue of Popshot Magazine. Moreover, "Blue Eggshell Moment" (the poem in question) has been sumptuously illustrated by the rather talented Karolina Burdon. Popshot Magazine has this to say on the matter,

"Our brand new issue, neatly packed with short stories, poems and illustrations exploring the theme of 'Curious', is fresh off the press and out now. Available to buy as a single issue or through a Popshot subscription.

Find out more at http://www.popshotpopshot.com/posts/20151001-out-now-the-new-issue-of-popshot"

So you're going to have a little look, aren't you, because you must, by now, be just a wee bit curious...

Go on - let your curiosity get the best of you. You just have to click here