1 January 2014

Poetry Photograph Albums 2013

During the twelve months of 2013, I created a series of twelve online photographic poetry albums on Facebook. Each album was a collection of photographs that evoked or resonated with one of my poems, sometimes illustrating it and sometimes just reminding me of the poem in some, possibly rather random, way. Many, though not all, of the photographs were taken in and around South Cambridgeshire, where I live.

If you are interested in the photographic reimagining of  these twelve poems, or just in the photographs themselves (and have not already seen them via my writer’s Facebook page), you can find links to them below:

January                                     Winter Solstice
February                                   Frozen Water, Kneesworth House
March                                       Vase of Daffodils
April                                          Almond Blossoming
May                                          This Garden
June                                          Star Flowers
July                                           Pond in Deep Summer
August                                      Cats and Other Mythical Creatures
September                                Stubble Burning
October                                    Autumn at Kneesworth
November                                 Full Moon on Firework Night
December                                 Litany

J.S.Watts  January 2014