16 January 2013

There's a Shindig in Cambridge

On 26th January at 8pm prompt there is going to be a multi-media Shindig at St. Philip's Church in Mill Road, Cambridge.

Don't know what a Shindig is? Then check it out here

It is going to be a pretty literate show, with storyteller-poets, visuals, and bands that write songs about Catcher in the Rye and Cool Hand Luke. Touring duo Rue Royale grace the event with their presence, whilst local post-rock/instrumentalists Subzar are set to be very impressive. There are also The Retrospective Soundtrack Players, plus the trio of Fay Roberts, J.S. Watts, and Emily Scialom sharing their literary brains/beings with the audience.

So if you want to sample J.S.Watts' literary brain, or at least hear some of her poetry and stories, get yourself down to Shindig on 26th January.