24 May 2017

Sawbo Writers' Club - June Meeting

J.S.Watts is back this coming month at the Sawbo Writers' Club, leading a session on the passage of time. Wednesday, 7th June at 7.30pm.

23 May 2017

The Fairy Feller's Farewell

A new fantasy poem from J.S.Watts via the increasingly awesome Strange Fictions Zine - "The Fairy Feller's Farewell", written with the painter Richard Dadd in mind. 

You can read it for free here.

22 May 2017

In Other Words Anthology #2 - The Launch

J.S. Watts is delighted that her short fairy tale, Across The Bridge, has been included in this year's In Other Words Anthology (along with one of her photographs).

She is equally delighted to be helping to launch the anthology by reading Across The Bridge live at the public launch, which is taking place at the CUC Winebar, The University Centre, Granta Place, Cambridge, CB2 1RU from 7pm until 9pm on Sunday 28th May.

In Other Words Literary Fringe Festival take place this year in venues around Cambridge across 16th, 17th and 18th June

18 May 2017

Lots in the Pipeline for June

There's lots happening in June...

Check back here and on this website's Events Page for further details as they emerge over the next month or so.

10 May 2017


J.S.Watts is delighted that her fenland based poem, "Borderland", has been published in Issue 176 (June 2017) of Envoi, which is celebrating its 60th year in print.

For further details see Envoi at Cinammon Press.

25 April 2017

Hyper-Jump Blues

A new SF poem from J.S.Watts via the awesome Strange Fictions Zine - "Hyper-Jump Blues". You can read it for free here

22 April 2017

Fenland Reed - Borders and Bridges

The Spring 2017 issue (issue 4) of The Fenland Reed is now out there and you can buy your copy direct from the magazine's website

This is a themed issue on the very relevant topic of 'borders and bridges' with poetry and prose by many fine writers including (but not limited to):

Zeina Hashem Beck
Penny Boxall
Gram Joel Davis
Roger Elkin
Marion Leeper "Bard of Cambridge"
Hans Sahl

J.S.'s contribution is a new poem on the subject of "Cambridge".

20 April 2017

Sawbo Writers' Club - now with added J.S.Watts

Following her visit to The Sawbo Writers' Club as a special guest back in February, J.S. will be making more regular visits to the club from May onwards, starting with the 10th May meeting.

11 April 2017

Late Night Up In The Laboratory

A new SF poem by J.S.Watts has just emerged from Strange Fictions SciFi and Fantasy 'Zine. It's titled "Late Night Up in The Laboratory" and you can read it for free here

16 March 2017

Three poets, Three Interviews

This month, South Florida Poetry Journal interviews J.S.Watts as one of its three March poets. The other two poets are: Norman "Buzz" Minnick and J.Tarwood.

You can read the interviews here

15 March 2017

Small Words

J.S. is doubly delighted that the rather fine Algebra of Owls have chosen to publish a second new poem by her, "Small Words".

You can read it for free, as well as the other fine poems available on the site (including J.S.'s poem 'Baking a Muffin Morning'), by clicking here.

8 March 2017

Telling It... Springs Forward

J.S.Watts will be performing it at Telling It ... Springs Forward in St. Ives this month.

25 February 2017

Location, location, location

J.S.Watts is delighted to have four of her poems on the map for Poems about Places - Poetry Atlas : three UK locations - Bassingbourn (Cambridgeshire), Branscombe (Devon) and Much Hadham (Hertfordshire) and one in the South of France - Nezignan L'Eveque (Languedoc). Check them out here and see if your favourite place has had a poem written about it. http://www.poetryatlas.com

Henry Moore Sculpture at Much Hadham, Hertfordshire

21 February 2017

Dark Review

J.S.Watts reviews "The Wolf in The Attic" in this month's Morpheus Tales Review Supplement. Read what she has to say about the Oxford-based novel by clicking here.

18 February 2017

Folk All Dayer

Including a poetry reading by J.S.Watts at approximately 6.15pm, plus performances by other fine poets (and musicians too, of course).

9 February 2017

Baking A Muffin Morning

J.S. is delighted that her poem, 'Baking a Muffin Morning' has just been published by the rather fine Algebra of Owls.

You can read it for free, as well as the other fine poems available on the site, by clicking here.

Go on. It'll be a hoot! (Sorry, I just couldn't resist it.)

8 February 2017

6 February 2017

STOP PRESS! Sawbo Writers' Club Special Guest

There’s a special guest-tutor at this week’s February meeting of the Sawbo Writers’ Club.

Normal host Emma has a bad case of laryngitis and can’t make it this Wednesday, but J.S.Watts has agreed to step into the breech at the last minute and take over the meeting for this one night. Somewhat ironically, given Emma’s condition, she will be discussing ‘Voice’ (in all its various meanings).

The meeting is taking place at 7.30pm on Wednesday, 8th February at Sawbridge Words Bookshop, 47 Bell Street, Sawbridgeworth, Hertfordshire (opposite the Café of Angels).

£10 for the session (or £5 for the unwaged )
For further information contact Neville on 01279 248336 or sawbridgewords@gmail.com

4 February 2017

Folk is Slack in February

SlackFolk is taking place on Saturday 11th February between 2.00 pm and 4.15 pm, at the Piatto Café, 17-19 Priory Walk, Colchester, Essex, CO1 1LG, at the corner of Queen Street and the Priory Walk pedestrian precinct. Entry is Free. Coffee, tea and food are available at commercial prices. 

February's SlackFolk session will feature music from Yael Bebb - a folk singer who performs a mixture of traditional folk from the British Isles and beyond on accordion and whistles; Trevor Attwater - a gifted singer and acoustic guitarist from Romford, who sings blues and traditional and contemporary folk interspersed with pop; Elaine Watson - a solo set from a gifted guitarist with a beautiful voice; Violet’s Bunch - Denise, Brenda and Alan with their own special blend of folk, pop and jazz; plus poetry from J. S. Watts - the Cambridge poet and author reading from her own works. 

For more information, contact info.slackfolk@gmail.com

23 January 2017

A Wonderful Tale on Plastic

Issue 17 of Three Minute Plastic is now online. It contains, amongst other pieces, a flash story by J.S.Watts, which you do not want to miss. Oh my paws and whiskers, no you do not!

So click here to read J.S.'s "Snapshoot Down The Rabbit Hole".

10 January 2017

Ouse Muse

Just a little reminder that J.S.Watts is the guest reader at Ouse Muse on Wednesday, 25th January. And, of course, there's Open Mic.

5 January 2017

Guest Editor - Ink Stains Anthology

J.S.Watts is extremely excited to announce that she will be guest editing the October 2017 edition of the dark fiction Ink Stains anthology series (followed by some rather awesome author/ guest editors in January, April and October 2018, including Kristi Petersen Schoonover and Tamela J. Ritter).

For further details about the anthology series, which is published by Dark Alley Press, see http://www.darkalleypress.com/inkstainsanthology/

3 January 2017

New Year's Wishes and Future Events for 2017

Happy 2017 to you all! May it be peaceful and productive.    

Over on the Events Page of this website, I'm starting the process of listing events, readings and workshops for 2017. My first reading of the year will be at Ouse Muse in Bedford on Wednesday, 25th January. It would be great to see you there.

If you can't make Bedford, however, no worries. Keep checking back to the Events Page. New events will be added as the New Year unfurls.