14 September 2018

An Evening in Lavender

J.S. will be performing a brief (and, until very recently, somewhat unexpected) poetry set at Hitchin Lavender tonight

3 September 2018

Getting a Grip

J.S. is very pleased to have a brand new poem published in the autumn edition of London Grip. You can read the poem, "Photo", and the whole magazine for free by clicking here

25 August 2018

Who Said Pigs Can't Fly?

J.S. Watts will be performing some of her poetry at Cambridge's The Flying Pig on Sunday 9th September. There will also be excellent real ale and some fantastic music, so you'll be coming, won't you?

17 August 2018

Progressing This Week - The Author Hub

It's the end of the week and the last of J.S.'s current run of blog posts on Meier Writers - The Author Hub.

Today she is talking about her multiple works in progress and especially the sequel to her novel Witchlight, Old Light. There is also the third novel in the Witchlight trilogy, Elderlight, which she is writing even as you are reading this, honest, she really is.

Anyway, you can read all about it here

15 August 2018

Editing - This Week on The Author Hub

Despite already hosting one blog post and an interview, Mark Meier has let J.S. Watts back on Meier Writers - The Author Hub to blog some more. This time she is pontificating on the subject of editing. You can read the post here

14 August 2018

Grilling This Week - The Author Hub

Today J.S. is being grilled (just a little) as part of Q and A Tuesday over on Mark Weier's blog, "Meier Writers". See for yourself by clicking here

13 August 2018

Blogging This Week - The Author Hub

With big thanks to Mark W Meier, I'm having a bit of a rare blogging moment over at "Meier Writers - The Author Hub" this week, starting with some musings on my novel, Witchlight. More posts to follow, but you can read the one about Witchlight here