9 November 2018

Autumn Songs

This week has seen an unprecedented amount of blogging activity.

Today, Ali Jones is kindly sharing J.S's words and photos on her blog, Green Fire Poetry. In particular, J.S. muses on the poem, Song For Autumn by Mary Oliver and on her own approach to seasonal writing.

You can see and read the results here.

To see more of J.S.'s photos go to her photography blog Random Acts of Would-be Photography.

8 November 2018

Why I Do Like Blogging

For people who don't like blogging, this is a recycled blog post about J.S.'s conversion to writing blog posts. It is brought to you by Mark Meier and The Author Hub at Meier Writers and with thanks to Vagabondage Press for initial publication. Click here to read the post

5 November 2018

Questions I Don't Like Answering

It's a brand new month and Mark Meier has rashly allowed me to play with his blog again (you'd think he'd learn).

Most writers will tell you there are questions they don’t like having to answer: often they are the ones we get asked the most. I thought I’d write an occasional series of lighthearted blog posts looking at some of my “oh no, not again!” questions and exploring why I, personally, don’t enjoy having to respond to them.

This month sees the first question in the series: “What are you working on currently?” You can read my response to this thorny issue here

30 October 2018


Issue two of View from Atlantis, a webzine of speculative poetry, is now available to read for free online. In honour of the approach of Halloween, it is horror themed.

The issue contains a poem by J.S.Watts, Dream of Ceridwen. You can read it here

26 October 2018

Christmas Book Signing

10.00 a.m. to 4p.m. David's Bookshop, 14 Eastcheap, Letchworth Garden City, Hertfordshire., SG6 3DE

21 October 2018

Questions and Answers

J.S. Watts has been chatting to poet Neil Laurenson over on his blog about her favourite room and the mistreatment of sweetcorn (amongst other things).

You can find the resultant questions and answers (and those of some other poets Neil has likewise been grilling) by clicking here.

15 October 2018

The Waterlight Project

Waterlight is a project inspired by a chalk stream in South Cambridgshire. Waterlight began as a collaboration between poet and writer Clare Crossman and filmmaker James Murray-White, and the project team has now grown to include local expert Bruce Huett.

The website includes content by a wide variety of people including poetry by Clare and a range of local poets, one of whom is J.S.Watts. J.S.'s two poems are based on recorded conversations between local people about the River Mel (which you can also read on the Waterlight website).

To read J.S's two poems go here and scroll down until you find Life Line and Time Flows Through.