10 January 2017

Ouse Muse

Just a little reminder that J.S.Watts is the guest reader at Ouse Muse on Wednesday, 25th January. And, of course, there's Open Mic.

5 January 2017

Guest Editor - Ink Stains Anthology

J.S.Watts is extremely excited to announce that she will be guest editing the October 2017 edition of the dark fiction Ink Stains anthology series (followed by some rather awesome author/ guest editors in January, April and October 2018, including Kristi Petersen Schoonover and Tamela J. Ritter).

For further details about the anthology series, which is published by Dark Alley Press, see http://www.darkalleypress.com/inkstainsanthology/

3 January 2017

New Year's Wishes and Future Events for 2017

Happy 2017 to you all! May it be peaceful and productive.    

Over on the Events Page of this website, I'm starting the process of listing events, readings and workshops for 2017. My first reading of the year will be at Ouse Muse in Bedford on Wednesday, 25th January. It would be great to see you there.

If you can't make Bedford, however, no worries. Keep checking back to the Events Page. New events will be added as the New Year unfurls.

24 December 2016

Seasons Wishes

Best Wishes for the 2016 Mid-Winter Festivities - whichever festival you choose (or do not choose) to celebrate - and all the best for 2017.



7 December 2016

On The Shoreline of Infinity

Issue 6 of the speculative magazine 'Shoreline of Infinity' is launched today.

It contains two new poems by J.S.Watts, which is pretty exciting as far as this small area of planet is concerned.

There is also poetry by Grahaeme Young, stories, puzzles and interviews.

For further details check out this link or just enjoy the rather fine cover image by Steve Pickering.

1 December 2016

Getting A Grip

J.S.Watts has a new poem out in the Winter edition of The London Grip. It's called "Lost in The Word Woods" and you can read it, and some other fascinating poems, for free here.

26 November 2016

Cambridge Bard Reverses Advent!

The Bard of Cambridge has launched her Christmas Advent Calendar for 2016.

She is taking up the Reverse Advent Calendar challenge from Cambridge City Food Bank.

Every day for a month, starting on 26th November, she is putting an item of food in a box and posting a poem, memory, or reflection about it on her webpage.

All the food is going to the Cambridge Food Bank to distribute at Christmas to those who need it.

She would love people to join her! You could:

– Join in with the poems, by sending your own writing to add to the page, or making your own advent calendar page;
– Join in with the food bank idea by making your own Christmas collection to give to Cambridge Food Bank ;
Donate money to Cambridge Food Bank;
– Tell your friends about the Food Bank scheme!

The first advent calendar post has now been published with a poem by The Bard herself and a haiku by J.S.Watts. You can read it here.