19 February 2019

We Are...

Issue 103 of Awen has been published with a very short, but very new poem by J.S.Watts in it. The  poem is called We Are... and you can find it and Issue 103 by clicking here

18 February 2019

Last Taboo

Over on The Reaper today, J.S. explores the Last Taboo in poetic form. Dare you say it?

16 February 2019

Writing The River

J.S. was very happy to be asked to write a guest post for the Waterlight Project blog, but then she realised she'd have to research Britain's chalk streams (at least a little). Read the blog post to find out what happened.

The blog post and accompanying photos can be found by clicking on this link.

11 February 2019


Another 'old favourite' short story by J.S.Watts has crawled its way onto the pages of The Reaper today.

You can read "Muse" by clicking on the link within the story title. True horror has many disguises.

6 February 2019

Piggy in the Middle? Writers' Club in March.

This will be taking place on the first Sunday in March...

5 February 2019

Questions I Don't Like Answering Part IV

It's the start of February and time for the next guest post in the series I'm writing for Meier Writers.

Most writers will tell you there are questions they don’t like having to answer: often they are the ones we get asked the most. I'm writing an occasional series of lighthearted blog posts looking at some of my “oh no, not again!” questions and exploring why I, personally, don’t enjoy having to respond to them.

This month sees the fourth question in the series: “When did you start writing?” You can read my multiple responses to this ostensibly innocuous question by clicking here

4 February 2019

Cats and Bags

An 'old favourite' short story by J.S.Watts is gracing the pages of The Reaper today.

You can read "Cats and Bags" here  and just remember, your cat loves you (or someone does).