21 May 2016

Acumen Issue 85 (May 2016)

Issue 85 of the literary journal, Acumen, is back from the printers. Its tag line - "Poetry Unites the World".

J.S.Watts is extremely pleased to have a brand new poem, "The Pianist", included within its superb 136 pages.

18 May 2016

When Words Are Not Enough...

Coming to the theatre in Stevenage in a month's time...

3 May 2016

New Month - Book of the Month

J.S.Watts is delighted that her latest poetry collection, Years Ago You Coloured Me, is the Poetry Kit Book of the Month for May.

Thank you Poetry Kit!

1 May 2016

Shadows and Teeth - NOW OUT!

Shadows and Teeth, volume 1 of an anthology of terrifying tales of horror and suspense from Darkwater Syndicate, has been released and is crawling through the dark towards you. Buy it, before it reaches you...

The book contains ten dark tales by an international group of authors including a brand new story by J.S.Watts. The story is "Back Through the Mist" - a tale of bone-aching cold and freezing fog and things that are best kept hidden within the fog: What secrets might the mist be hiding where the divide between years has been rubbed thin?

The full list of stories and contributors is:

Water, Ice, And Vice, by Antonio Simon, Jr. – Jeremy's new apartment harbors a demonic wish-granting fridge, which he uses to exact bloody vengeance on his obnoxious roommate. 

The Dinner Party, by Trevor Boelter – A dinner party devolves into a massacre when the blood flows as freely as the wine. 

Routine, by Mia Bravo – Edward's life is neat and orderly, just the way he likes it. It doesn't stay that way for long once bizarre apparitions threaten to end his life, and worse – break his daily routine. 

The Final Spell, by Mark Meier – Ken, a modern-day wizard, risks life and liberty in pursuit of the ultimate magick. How far will he go to obtain limitless power? 

Back Through The Mist, by J.S. Watts – Police Sergeant Comberton's investigation of a baffling murder strains her resolve to its breaking point. When the enquiry takes an otherworldly turn, she questions whether the past holds the key to her future. 

Spawn, by Paige Reiring – Assassin-for-hire Alice's personality is so keen, it can kill. She'll need every edge she can get when the hunter becomes the hunted. 

The Pied Piper's Appetite, by Rich Phelan – A competitive eater leads a ghastly double life in pursuit of a gruesome personal crusade. 

Riana In The Gray Dusk, by Viktoria Faust – A hastily taken photograph leads to a shocking revelation and a rare glimpse at a singular individual. 

The Autobiography Of An Unsuccessful Author, by Brittany Gonzalez – A one-hit-wonder's search for inspiration blurs the line between reality and insanity, with horrifying results. 

Crying, by Darren Worrow – Vinny's research into an urban legend about a haunted painting reveals more about himself than he ever dared to ask.

25 April 2016

HIV Here and Now - Day 328

HIV Here and Now is a project creating a Poem-a-Day countdown to 35 years of AIDS on June 5,

J.S.Watts  is honoured to have her poem, "The Sunflower", chosen for the project's 328th poem (and poem 25 of NaPoMo 2016).

You can read the poem by clicking here (and also explore the other poems in the project).

BedPop Poetry Slam

J.S.Watts is the winner of April's BedPop Poetry Slam!

 It was a very close field and J.S. is convinced she only won because of a sympathy vote (she wasn't very well at the time), but who cares? It was a very fine afternoon of poetry and all the riveting performers deserve a shout out, including: Hazera Forth, Ben Haynes, Alex Levene, Alex J. Monks, Iain Orkiscz and Ian McEwan for organising things, compering and being the sacrificial poet.

Hazera Forth took some really cool black and white photos which you can see below:

19 April 2016

Touring Years Ago You Coloured Me

The series of readings of poems from J.S.'s new collection, "Years Ago You Coloured Me", is beginning to take shape. So far there are confirmed dates in Bedford, Bicester, Cambridge, Nottingham and Stevenage.

Full details will follow soon. Check out the Events Page of this website to keep up to date on progress.

If you know of a poetry night/event that would like J.S. to come and read some of her new poems, do feel fee to make contact.