15 October 2018

The Waterlight Project

Waterlight is a project inspired by a chalk stream in South Cambridgshire. Waterlight began as a collaboration between poet and writer Clare Crossman and filmmaker James Murray-White, and the project team has now grown to include local expert Bruce Huett.

The website includes content by a wide variety of people including poetry by Clare and a range of local poets, one of whom is J.S.Watts. J.S.'s two poems are based on recorded conversations between local people about the River Mel (which you can also read on the Waterlight website).

To read J.S's two poems go here and scroll down until you find Life Line and Time Flows Through.

4 October 2018

The Data Dump Files

J.S. is honoured that her poem "Steelyard Sue Builds a Baby" has been included in "The Data Dump Files", a selection of verse in commemoration of Steve Sneyd (1941 - 2018), who has been hailed as "one of the most influential voices in and proponents of modern genre poetry". 

"The Data Dump Files" is produced in pamphlet format by Atlantean Publishing.

3 October 2018

Slenderness as Strength

Over on her blog, the poet Emma Lee has reviewed J.S.Watts' most recent poetry publication, The Submerged Sea, concluding that:

“The Submerged Sea” may be slender but the poems explore multi-facets of the sea with a strong sense of rhythm and sound patterns. The collection asks readers to look again at the familiar in a different light and question assumptions without repeating an idea. Its slenderness becomes a strength and a selling point.

To read the review in full please see Emma Lee's Blog

2 October 2018

Grilling Again - The Author Hub

Today, in a further question and answer session, J.S. is subjected to a little more grilling over on The Author Hub of Meier Writers. You can read it for yourself here

Her first session on the griddle back in August was flagged up here

1 October 2018

Gardening Tips - The Author Hub

Writer Mark Meier has rashly allowed J.S.Watts to play with his blog again.

This month she considers the benefits of gardening in the life of a writer, as she continues to write the latest novel in the Witchlight trilogy, "Elderlight".

You can read the blog post here.

30 September 2018

Fiction Fix - A Glimmer of Elderlight

J.S. will be reading some brand new fiction. This is a one off opportunity to hear an extract from Elderlight (the third novel in the Witchlight Trilogy) as it is being written - genuinely "fiction in the making".